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 7 Years of the cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos

The Foundation of the Hellenic World celebrated yesterday the 7 years of operation of Hellenic Cosmos.

The night was dedicated to the sponsors, supporters, donators and the mass media which supported, and continue to support wholeheartedly the Foundation, during all these years of creative operation.

This special event took place at the Conference Centre (Building 7) of Hellenic Cosmos, at a packed-full hall. The event started with the speech by Mr. G. Mitakides, Professor of the University of Patras and former Director of the Research Programme "Information Society Technologies" of the European Union. Then followed the award of the Foundation's Great Sponsors and Communication Sponsors.

The award was carried out by the Vice Ministers of Economy and Finance Mr. Christos Folias and Mr. Petros Doukas. The companies and the institutions that were awarded were: EFG EUROBANK ERGASIAS, GREEK POSTAL SAVINGS BANK, AKTOR, OPAP, NATIONAL BANK, COCA-COLA 3E, KRAFT FOODS HELLAS, ΤOYOTA HELLAS, VIVODI TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SINCO S.A. και GIOTIS. Furthermore, the following communication sponsors were awarded: ERT S.A. and the newspaper "KATHIMERINI".

The awards were received by the Managing Director of EFG Eurobank Ergasias Mr. N. Nanopoulos, the first Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Greek Postal Savings Bank Mr. A. Kaminaris, Mr. S. Koulosoukas, member of the Board of Directors of OPAP, Mr. A. Stavrou, Director of the Secretariat of the National Bank, Mr. A. Kallitsantsis, member of the Board of Directors of the company "AKTOR", Mr. V. Lolas, Communication and Public Relations Director of Coca-Cola 3Ε, Ms. E. Dimitrakaki, Director of Corporate Affairs of Κraft Foods Hellas, Mr. Aris Aravanis, Managing Director of Toyota Hellas, Ms. S. Kounenaki-Efraimoglou, President and Managing Director of Vivodi Telecommunications, Mr. E. Kalogeratos, Vice President of Sinco S.A., Mr. M. Papathanasiou, Commercial Director of "Giotis". Finally, for the newspaper "Kathimerini" the award was received by the Marketing Director Mr. A. Katsaniotis. ERT S.A. was also awarded.

Many well known members of the business world, people from the field of culture and many friends of the Foundation honored the event about the anniversary of Hellenic Cosmos.