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Cultural Center
Hellenic Cosmos
254 Pireos street
177 78 Tavros

Tel: 212 254 0000

 Opening of the Cultural Center Hellenic Cosmos of the Foundation of the Hellenic World

On March 21st 1998 the opening and the sanctification of building 1 of the Cultural Centre of FHW "Hellenic Cosmos" whose establishment has been one of the main objectives of the Foundation. A former industrial area at 254 Pireos st., the old VIOSOL factory, shaped according to the modern museum concepts hosts the Cultural Centre of the Foundation.

Many people and among them academics, intellectuals, businessmen, politics and journalists responded to the invitation of FHW. The President of Foundation Lazaros Efraimoglou and Ourania Efraimoglou, Secretary of the Board of Trustees welcomed them to the Centre.

Concurrently, the educational exhibition "National Events and Historical Memory" was introduced to the public; the guests had the opportunity to discover that history surrounds us, is depicted in our statues, in the works of art, in the symbols. The guests used modern computers, available at the Internet Cafe, to visit the multimedia presentations of the Foundation on the Internet, similar presentations of other institutions, saw monuments and towns revive through the 3D reconstructions and stated information on their identity and thus discovered their roots using the Genealogy Project.

Throughout the event, the staff of the Foundation was available to inform and tour the guests around the interactive exhibits. The guests exchanged ideas with the personnel and appeared satisfied with the area and the activities.

Private, state T.V. stations and the Press covered the event and made sure that their audience had grasped the ambiance of the night.