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 Presentation of the project Hellenic History on the Internet

On Wednesday November 11th 1998, the project: Hellenic History on the Internet was presented at the Cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World "Hellenic Cosmos". The venue opened the head of the Systems and Interactive Applications Sector, Dimitris Efraimoglou; then followed the head of the Internet Applications Sector Elias Hatzis and the leaders of the five Internet teams (Prehistory, Ancient Period, Byzantine Period, Ottoman Period and Modern History), who all, at turns, presented their projects. Then it was Dimitris Efraimoglou's turn to answer to the questions of the public; the presentation ended in an atmosphere of positive commenting. The President of the Foundation Mr Lazaros Efraimoglou closed the venue and stated that the purpose of the FHW is to complete its inspired project, both greek and english version, in less than a year.

The Internet, "Diadiktio", derivative of the ancient greek word "diktion", establishes a new method of universal communication which contributes to the diffusion of the data. It can thus play an important role on the preservation of the historical memory. Main goal of the Internet Sector is to combine the technical possibilities of the Internet with the reliable scientific data for the presentation of the historic course of Hellenism from the 8th millenium till today. The project of the Hellenic History on the Internet is realized by the five teams of the Internet Sector, each corresponding to one of the five main periods of the hellenic history. Historians, archaeologists, programmers, graphic designers, philologists and translators create electronic presentations covering four areas: politics, economy, society and culture. Some periods of the hellenic history, as well as a series of presentations that examine in depth specific events and aspects of our history, have already been completed. Additionally to the presentation of the hellenic history on the Internet, the FHW processes other applications as educational games that will accompany separate presentations of the hellenic history, sound and image transmission via Internet, a data bank of the complete hellenic history which will include texts, images, 3D models and video, that will support the creation of electronic presentations close to the interest of each user.

After the presentation, everyone had the chance to browse around the projects of the Foundation on the Internet. The Archbishop of Athens and Greece, Mr Christodoulos, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, people of the press, business and banking as well as people of the spirit and art attended the venue.