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 Presentation of the reconstruction project of the family trees from Asia Minor

On Monday, December 14th 1998, the Cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World "Hellenic Cosmos" hosted the presentation of the project: Family Trees of Refugees from Asia Minor. The President of the Foundation, Mr Lazaros Efraimoglou opened the event and consequently, the historian and head of the Genealogy Team Kostas Raptis made a complete presentation of the project.

The Genealogy project began in 1996 and the initial idea belongs to the President of the FHW Mr Lazaros Efraimoglou, who after a visit to the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora at Tel-Aviv, decided to establish a special project, "the Family Trees of the Refugees from Asia Minor", at the newly established, at the time, Foundation of the Hellenic World. The project attempts to reconstruct and register the family trees of the people that come from Asia Minor and Pontos, so to keep the memory of Hellenism in Asia Minor alive. The questionnaire is used as a methodological tool while the contribution of the people and agents in the collection of information based on modern genealogy projects and the process of the data is required. Up to the present, within the framework of the project, 1200 family trees mainly from Smyrni and Aidini have been reconstructed and are used to register the modern history of Asia Minor and Greece. It is worth mentioning the collaboration of the Genealogy project with the Film and Documentary Team for recording the testimonies of refugees from Asia Minor.

The public welcomed the invitation of the FHW, representatives of associations, politicians and journalists had the opportunity to watch the progress of this important project of the Foundation.