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 Presentation of FHW's publication "Christian and Family Names of Pisidika"

On Monday November 2nd 1998, the Cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World "Hellenic Cosmos" hosted the presentation of the book by Vasos Vogiatzoglou "Christian and Family Names of Pisidika".

The book, an original linguistic study on the Hellenism of Pisidika, was presented by the President of the Foundation, Lazaros Efraimoglou, the professor of Panteion University, Neoklis Sarris, the researcher-linguist, Christina Basea and the professor of Athens University, Nikos Bezantakos. The President of the Foundation stressed at his speech that Pisidika preserved its hellenic character for 800 years and announced the forthcoming publications on issues regarding the Hellenism of Asia Minor. Then it was Mr Vogiatzoglou turn to thank those who had helped him in writing the book, with special tribute to Mr Efraimoglou, whose "work has national value". The other speakers focused mainly on the content of the book. Specifically, Mrs Basea characterized the book as a work of a sociological and linguistic value, where words claim a historical content, while Neoklis Sarris emphasized on its uniqueness and Mr Bezantakos mentioned, among others, the sources of the material used in the book.

The event attended people of the Press as well as people of the spirit and the art who treated gracefully the latest publishing accomplishment of the Foundation.

The book may be purchased at the Foundation's Museum Shop in the Cultural Centre as well as at major bookstores in Greece.