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 Presentation of the documentary entitled "The Journey"

On 19 April 2000 the documentary "The Journey", which was written and directed by Mrs. Maria Mavrikou, was shown at the Multifunction Theater of "Hellenic Cosmos".

The documentary is based on the testimonies of decrepit Greeks from Aivali and of Turkish-Cretans from Rethymno, who seventy six years after the population exchange visited the land where they were born, the former in Aeolia and the latter in Crete. The shooting of the documentary took place in Aivali, Crete and Moshonisia, and lasted for three years.

The event started with speeches by the President of the Foundation Mr. Lazaros Efraimoglou, who referred to the Foundation's plans in the field of Films and Documentaries, and by Mrs. Mavrikou. Many people attended the showing of the documentary, and among them Mr. Paraskevas Syrianoglou, President of the Society of people from Asia Minor of Rethimno, and Mrs. Antogoni Pagida-Mofori, one of the key persons in the making of the film.