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 2 years of operation of Hellenic Cosmos

On 21 March 2000 there was a celebration at "Hellenic Cosmos" for the two years of succesful operation of the Centre. Many people attended the event, which was covered by both the printed and electronic press, and among them were the Archbishop of Athens and Greece Mr. Christodoulos and the Minister of Education Mr. Gerasimos Arsenis.

The people who were invited, equipped with special stereoscopic glasses, "visited" the "magical world of Byzantine costume", as it is revived through the virtual reality technology. They "met" Justinian, Theodora, and their attendants dressed in their official costumes, in an amazing scenery inspired by Byzantine mosaics. They discovered the ritualistic dimension of Byzantine costume, through the educational programme that is a part of the exhibition "Krossia, Chitones, Doulamades, Velades - 4000 years of Greek costume".

They also watched the Foundation's latest film production entitled "The Everburning Candle", a travelogue to the Christian monuments of Asia Minor. A distinguishing feature of the documentary is the 3D reconstruction of the Church of Koimesis (Dormition of Virgin) in Nikaea of Bithynia, which was completely destroyed in 1922.