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 National Events and Historical Memory

This was the first exhibition to be hosted at Hellenic Cosmos and proved to be the most popular exhibition in Greece, according to data by the Ministry of Education. On the occasion of the national anniversaries, the 28th of October and the 25th of March, the exhibition aimed at a modern approach of history and attempted a different interpretation of historical themes, outside schoolbooks.

The topography of the anniversaries, the hero, the celebration, the mass media, individual and collective memory constituted five units, which analysed and presented ways of remembering the historical past. The feeling that history is all around us and that it is reflected in our everyday environment, in the city, in museums, in art, in the mass media, offered the possibility, even to the most reluctant visitors, to feel that the past is not something remote and indifferent but something that concerns us all.

The theoretical design of the exhibition was based on two main ideas: that the historical past is particularly significant for the formation of the present and that every period adds its version of the past. How collective memory is created was the main idea around which the exhibition was developed.
(Period 1998-2001)