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The "Tholos", the new Virtual Reality theatre of Hellenic Cosmos (Building 2), has a capacity of 132 persons and is an attraction for all ages and especially young people. The content of the presentation of the "Tholos" is not taped, but is created by an ultra-modern computer during the presentation itself. It requires the active participation of the spectators, something that results in an interactive experience.
The shows last for about 45 minutes and they are interactive.

We would like to inform our non-greek speaking visitors that our V.R. exhibits have only Greek captions and narration.

English narration (and possibly other languages) is available by appointment only.

• • Please check availability before you visit the museum. • •

At the "Tholos" the following Virtual Reality productions are presented:

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  Virtual Reality

 A Walk through Ancient Miletus

 Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora

 A Walk Through Ancient Olympia

 A Walk through Ancien Priene

  Digital Dome movies

 Darwin: the mystery of nature

 Dream to fly