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 A Walk Through Ancient Olympia

This programme provides a complete tour to the sacred site of ancient Olympia in the 2nd century BC. Monuments and sacred buildings come to life, enabling visitors to participate in the events and the rituals of the Olympic Games and to learn about the history of the city: the temple of Zeus, a model of Doric peripteral temple with magnificent sculpted decoration, the Heraion, the oldest monumental building of the sanctuary, dedicated to the goddess Hera, the Gymnasium, which was used for the training of javelin throwers, discus throwers and runners, the Palaestra, where the wrestlers, jumpers and boxers trained, the Leonidaion, which was where the official guests stayed, the Bouleuterion, where athletes, relatives and judges took a vow that they would upheld the rules of the Games, the Stadium, where most of the events took place, the Treasuries of various cities, where valuable offerings were kept, the Philippeion, which was dedicated by Philip II, king of Macedonia, after his victory in the battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC.