Hellenic Cosmos
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Cultural Center
Hellenic Cosmos
254 Pireos street
177 78 Tavros

Tel: 212 254 0000


One of the communication channels of the Foundation of the Hellenic World with the public is the events that it organizes. Hellenic Cosmos hosts a wide range of events: from the Foundation's books, CD-ROMs and documentaries presentations, to seminars and international conferences.

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 Presentation of the reconstruction project of the family trees from Asia Minor

 1st International Festival of Cinema and New Media on Art

 Presentation of the project Hellenic History on the Internet

 Presentation of FHW's publication "Christian and Family Names of Pisidika"

 Presentation of the CD-ROM "Historic and Linguistic Monuments of our civilisation"

 Presentation of the CD-ROM "The Magical Walk of Curius Julius at Delphi"

 Presentation of FHW's publication "The Parish of Agia in Constantinople-Tzimbali"

 Opening of the Cultural Center Hellenic Cosmos of the Foundation of the Hellenic World