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Cultural Center
Hellenic Cosmos
254 Pireos street
177 78 Tavros

Tel: 212 254 0000


One of the communication channels of the Foundation of the Hellenic World with the public is the events that it organizes. Hellenic Cosmos hosts a wide range of events: from the Foundation's books, CD-ROMs and documentaries presentations, to seminars and international conferences.

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 Event entitled "Ancient Greek Mathematics: their content, course and historical role"

 Presentation of the publication "History of Perge. Political and Ecclesiastical"

 2nd International Workshop on ICTs, Arts and Cultural Heritage-Digital Art Technologies, Applications and Policy

 Presentation of the publication "After the Catastrophe: Asia Minor Refugees in Greece in the Interwar Period"

 International Conference entitled "Cultural Convergence & Digital Technology"

 Presentation of the publication "People and Traditional Professions in the Aegean"

 Presentation of the documentary "Royal Purple Harbors"

 Event "Digital Culture and Artistic Creation: Greek Artists"